Ringing Bells

sunday in church

In this new generation, people tend to value responsibilities less than it was before. Laziness and procrastination often become the very reason why we have overdue projects, delayed reports, or even late meetings with someone important or not. This happens almost everyday and seems as though it cannot vanish from our daily lives too soon. However, there are particular days separated from regular days. We cancel all supposed appointments for such days for this one event that happens once every week, important or not. If you live with people who value church ethics, then maybe you can relate to this article.

Sundays, for instance, are the time where we commit to our church responsibilities. We dress to impress people, quite literally that somehow it gets too much of an eyesore. We greet people we’re familiar with to keep our poise from falling apart. We listen to the priest’s sermon of spreading the word of God just so we could be “in” and to prove a point to everyone else with different beliefs. And afterwards, we forget what the priest tackled after a few minutes. It’s the same cycle over and over again.

Do you, as a Christian, really value your church responsibilities?

I know many people who are Christians. And despite from that fact, they have a seemingly big difference when it comes to ethics and responsibilities. Some are committed, some are not. They, in general, go to church because the bible stated that on the 7th day, God rested from all he did for the past days (based on their own interpretation). Hence, Sundays are widely-renowned not only in the Christian community but also in other religious communities. However, this sparked a heated argument between scholars and bible-interpreters. And the irony here is that believers kept quite, while wise men continue to argue over this matter that clearly doesn’t faze anyone who held such strong faith to even care.

The importance of Sundays for Christians are transparent. We see, believers or nonbelievers, their unwavering faith to the creator of mankind. Maybe for some it was all a publicity attempt, to prove their belief is better, or simply because they want to showcase their frilly dresses and dashing polo-shirts and pants. But we all know it’s something more than just what those religious-wannabes try to prove. It’s something to be respected and treated important, regardless of all the matters at hand.
Nowadays, it’s easy to find religious people. But it’s a whole lot difficult to spot people who believe in the existence of God’s word and Himself. Yes, they go to church. Yes, they listen. Yes, they’re active in the church community. But is it rightful to see them as Christians? Face the mirror–the nearest mirror at that and see yourself. Recall the past sermons and remember old verses. Do you hear or see anything at the back of your mind as you look at yourself in the mirror in front of you? If not, think twice and hard enough. You may find right the answer.

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