Three Compelling Reasons Why it is Important Visiting Church

Visiting Church

There are some Christians who do not go to church. In this day and age when all sorts of religious podcasts are available, some believers think that it is better to stay at home and just listen to their favorite pastors through the Internet. This does not only save them time and money but also gives them a wide array of messages to choose from. How about you- do you think the same way? If you do, then you might want to consider these three compelling reasons why it’s important visiting church.

An act of obeying God

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ and one of the things that Jesus modeled during his time was obedience to his Father. The Bible teaches believers to not forsake meeting together and to encourage one another. It also talks about how the early Christians met once a week to worship and break bread.

If you are indeed a believer, you should go to church because this is your act of obedience to the one who called you. Yes, the church primarily refers to people and not the structure, but you can never really be in the church without going to church, can you? You cannot be the church on your own.

To fellowship with other Christians

The church is composed of a group of people. It is interesting to note that Jesus was always in fellowship with his followers. He ate with them, drank with them, prayed with them, talked to them, healed them, and even mourned with them. He left a legacy to believers that they ought to live in a community and to love one another. The church is one of the best places believers can practice loving others as they love themselves; hence, it is a place one should not neglect to go to.

In addition, being surrounded by people who hold the same beliefs provide spiritual strength. Together you can read the bible and meditate on it. You can also share testimonies and encourage one another, especially when some are going through trials and challenges in life. This is absolutely one reason why it’s important visiting church. Christians grow so much better and faster in a community than alone.

Special power in worshiping together

The bible says that whether two or three people gather in the name of God, he is right there in their midst. While we know that God is omniscient and has no trouble seeing us wherever we are and that the Holy Spirit lives in each believer, being in church puts Christians in the privileged position of enjoying and savoring God in their midst. What can be more awesome than that?
These are just three of the best reasons why it’s important visiting church. Anyone who has practiced and benefited from going to church every Sunday can easily add more to the list. Nothing beats knowing within your heart that in the church, you not only commune with your Creator but also your brothers and sisters who share the same joy and hope. No other place could make one feel loved, secure, and “home.”

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