Most popular foods during Christian’s celebrations

popular christian foods

Wondering how celebrations have an influence on the foods taken by affiliates of Christian doctrine? They range from Christmas celebration to the ascension session.Which celebration do you recall or have you participated in recently? Which foods were you served with? Vivid remembrance of all these subjects will group the influence of the foods taken into specific categories which are psychologically predetermined. These periods have adverse effects on the eating habits and patterns. They are due to;

  • What you believe.
  • Value of food.
  • The cuisine of cookery associated with the culture.

Do you have your traditions of doing things? Relate them to the idea of cookeries associated with Christianity. If you are a Christian, what do you take during religious celebrations? The commonest of all is the unleavened bread taken during Easter celebrations. Just to go deeper into our religion we have a range of foods taken during certain celebrations:

1.Agatha buns are taken on the feast day of St. Agatha mounted with cherry which is intended to symbolize breasts. Her breasts were chopped off for defiance to give in her dignity and chastity to non-believers.

2.Unleavened bread and wine served as the Holy Eucharist as a sign of the body and blood of Christ 3. Easter biscuits and eggs mostly in England associated with Easter celebrations.

4.Fanesca, a stew taken in Ecuador consisting of twelve beans standing in for the apostles and a salt cod for Jesus.

5.Pancakes are eaten in antiquity to sign the end of noble eating hence commencement of lent period. Luck foreseeing foods are also consumed, they are prevalent on King’s cake before taken on the eve of New Year baked with a silverware inside and whoever unleashes the coin in the slices is regarded blessed the whole year. Christian celebrations are accompanied by foods meant to symbolize past events that are vital to the Christian faith. Value of food in the community has a role as Christians tend to take foods that they value most hitherto the main celebrations.They are meant to luxuriate despite not symbolizing the subjects.This is mostly evidenced in the developing countries where individuals are not at the exposure of every variety of food hence some foods are reserved for the special days. Though may not lay a better explanation of “Food religion”. What have you noted? Foods are meant to symbolize events, individuals, periods and the exceptional special days by the financially disadvantaged individuals.Religion has its own ways of putting in place rules to predetermine the occurrences (foods) in the main days.This is where we have certain food varieties being consumed in remembrance of the religious happenings that took place before and meant to build their faith. Food religion is crucial in carrying your daily activities during the “Christian’s celebrations”. The subjects have to ensure that they are in the right discourse.The Eucharist taken is an example, where Christians have reminded the washing away of their sins and they sought to be cleansed. This is done by taking the body and blood of Christ which is phenomenal to the Christian community, major food to the subject.

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