Best Places To Pray

places to pray

When we hear the word pray it always reminds us of doing this specific thing which brings us inner peace and joy. Prayers are defined as an act of speaking to God privately or in the group at a religious institution to express one’s gratitude, love, and admiration or to make a request. We pray to the God who is assumed to exist and watching us over at all times. God may or may not have a form, but we trust and have faith in that Infinite energy source. Unlike other forms of energy, this never decreases. By praying we are cultivating the energy from this energy hub. So the question arises, which are the best places to pray? Is it always required to pray in a church/temple/mosque? Is it always required to pray in front of an Idol/Picture of God? Well, let me tell you guys, that is not the case. One can pray where ever one finds it be peaceful. If you feel that praying alone in your bedroom relaxes you and gives you peace of mind then that is the best place for you. There might be some who find peace when they pray as a group in a religious institution.

Here are a few recommended places for people who are yet to discover their place of prayer. Let me begin with the first step for finding your place of prayer, which are the general characteristics required of such a place. It must, for one, be quiet and calm. It should have a nice circulation of air; a little breezy is welcome. The atmosphere should be one which makes you feel comfortable. So once you are in a place with the above-mentioned characteristics, you have already found one of the many places for you to say your prayers.

Now comes the next step, which is harnessing energy out of that infinite source and finding inner peace. Even though we have prayed so many times before, this prayer is going to be special. We calm ourselves with deep breaths, filling our lungs with fresh air. Now close your eyes and say your prayers. Concentrate your prayers to the God you love, whom you believe in. Prayers can be anything ranging from a casual talk, like how you talk to a friend, to reading religious texts. During such a prayer, you are relieved of all your worries as you are sharing all your troubles and tribulations with God. After a prayer, you feel rejuvenated and light at heart.

A place that offers you all of the above is the best place to pray. For example, a less crowded beach during a sunrise or sunset, a hill station with a pleasant climate, a religious institution with an ambient atmosphere, secluded spot in the midst of nature etc. Meditation is also a form of prayer. Meditation in any of these places can also give you inner peace. Always remember, the word best is subjective. The best for one person may not the best for another. Hence, you need to find your own sanctuary for prayer.

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