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Three Compelling Reasons Why it is Important Visiting Church

Visiting Church

There are some Christians who do not go to church. In this day and age when all sorts of religious podcasts are available, some believers think that it is better to stay at home and just listen to their favorite pastors through the Internet. This does not only save them time and money but also gives them a wide array of messages to choose from. How about you- do you think the same way? If you do, then you might want to consider these three compelling reasons why it is important visiting church.

An act of obeying God

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ and one of the things that Jesus modeled during his time was obedience to his Father. The bible teaches believers to not forsake meeting together and to encourage one another. It also talks about how the early Christians met once a week to worship and break bread.

If you are indeed a believer, you should go to church because this is your act of obedience to the one who called you. Yes, the church primarily refers to people and not the structure, but you can never really be in the church without going to church, can you? You cannot be the church on your own.

To fellowship with other Christians

The church is composed of a group of people. It is interesting to note that Jesus was always in fellowship with his followers. He ate with them, drank with them, prayed with them, talked to them, healed them, and even mourned with them. He left a legacy to believers that they ought to live in a community and to love one another. The church is one of the best places believers can practice loving others as they love themselves; hence, it is a place one should not neglect to go to.

In addition, being surrounded by people who hold the same beliefs provide spiritual strength. Together you can read the bible and meditate on it. You can also share testimonies and encourage one another, especially when some are going through trials and challenges in life. This is absolutely one reason why it is important visiting church. Christians grow so much better and faster in a community than alone.

Special power in worshiping together

The bible says that whether two or three people gather in the name of God, he is right there in their midst. While we know that God is omniscient and has no trouble seeing us wherever we are, and that the Holy Spirit lives in each believer, being in church puts Christians in the privileged position of enjoying and savoring God in their midst. What can be more awesome than that?

These are just three of the best reasons why it is important visiting church. Anyone who has practiced and benefited from going to church every Sunday can easily add more to the list. Nothing beats knowing within your heart that in the church, you not only commune with your Creator but also your brothers and sisters who share the same joy and hope. No other place could make one feel loved, secure, and “home.”

Best Places To Pray

places to pray

When we hear the word pray it always reminds us about doing this specific thing which brings us inner peace and joy. Prayers are defined as an act of speaking to God privately or in group at a religious institution to express one’s gratitude, love and admiration or to make a request. We pray to the God who is assumed to exist and watching us over at all times. God may or may not have a form, but we trust and have faith in that Infinite energy source. Unlike other forms of energy this never decreases. By praying we are cultivating the energy from this energy hub. So the question arises, which are the best places to pray? Is it always required to pray in a church/temple/mosque? Is it always required to pray in front of an Idol/Picture of God? Well, let me tell you guys, that is not the case. One can pray where ever one finds it be peaceful. If you feel that praying alone in your bedroom relaxes you and gives you peace of mind then that is the best place for you. There might be some who find peace when they pray as a group in a religious institution.

Here are a few recommended places for people who are yet to discover their place of prayer. Let me begin with the first step for finding your place of prayer, which are the general characteristics required of such a place. It must, for one, be quite and calm. It should have nice circulation of air; a little breezy is welcome. The atmosphere should be one which makes you feel comfortable. So once you are in a place with the above mentioned characteristics, you have already found one of the many places for you to say your prayers.

Now comes the next step, which is harnessing energy out of that infinite source and finding inner peace. Even though we have prayed so many times before, this prayer is going to be special. We calm ourselves with deep breaths, filling our lungs with fresh air. Now close your eyes and say your prayers. Concentrate your prayers to the God you love, whom you believe in. Prayers can be anything ranging from a casual talk, like how you talk to a friend, to reading religious texts. During such a prayer, you are relieved of all your worries as you are sharing all your troubles and tribulations with God. After a prayer you feel rejuvenated and light at heart.

A place that offers you all of the above is the best place to pray. For example, a less crowded beach during a sunrise or sunset, a hill station with a pleasant climate, a religious institution with ambient atmosphere, secluded spot in the midst of nature etc. Meditation is also a form of prayer. Meditation in any of these places can also give you inner peace. Always remember, the word best is subjective. The best for one person may not the best for another. Hence, you need to find your own sanctuary for prayer.

Ringing Bells

sunday in church

In this new generation, people tend to value responsibilities less than it was before. Laziness and procrastination often become the very reason why we have overdue projects, delayed reports, or even late meetings with someone important or not. This happens almost everyday and seems as though it cannot vanish from our daily lives too soon. However, there are particular days separated from regular days. We cancel all supposed appointments for such days for this one event that happens once every week, important or not. If you live with people who value church ethics, then maybe you can relate to this article.

Sundays, for instance, are the time where we commit to our church responsibilities. We dress to impress people, quite literally that somehow it gets too much of an eyesore. We greet people we’re familiar with to keep our poise from falling apart. We listen to the priest’s sermon of spreading the word of God just so we could be “in” and to prove a point to everyone else with different beliefs. And afterwards, we forget what the priest tackled after a few minutes. It’s the same cycle over and over again.

Do you, as a Christian, really value your church responsibilities?

I know many people who are Christians. And despite from that fact, they have a seemingly big difference when it comes to ethics and responsibilities. Some are committed, some are not. They, in general, go to church because the bible stated that on the 7th day, God rested from all he did for the past days (based on their own interpretation). Hence, Sundays are widely-renowned not only in the Christian community but also in other religious communities. However, this sparked a heated argument between scholars and bible-interpreters. And the irony here is that believers kept quite, while wise men continue to argue over this matter that clearly doesn’t faze anyone who held such strong faith to even care.

The importance of Sundays for Christians are transparent. We see, believers or nonbelievers, their unwavering faith to the creator of mankind. Maybe for some it was all a publicity attempt, to prove their belief is better, or simply because they want to showcase their frilly dresses and dashing polo-shirts and pants. But we all know it’s something more than just what those religious-wannabes try to prove. It’s something to be respected and treated important, regardless of all the matters at hand.
Nowadays, it’s easy to find religious people. But it’s a whole lot difficult to spot people who believe in the existence of God’s word and Himself. Yes, they go to church. Yes, they listen. Yes, they’re active in the church community. But is it rightful to see them as Christians? Face the mirror–the nearest mirror at that and see yourself. Recall the past sermons and remember old verses. Do you hear or see anything at the back of your mind as you look at yourself in the mirror in front of you? If not, think twice and hard enough. You may find right the answer.

World’s top religions

top religions

There are more than 4100 religions on earth, some you may have heard of, others, never! Among these stands a few top ones that are most familiar to many. Religious practices may differ according to founders, tribes, attire restrictions, diets, and many other aspects but most religions represent origin, nature, importance, brotherhood and they offer a standard on which its adherents must live.

Also, the major aspect that bounds religion is faith and eternal life. Faith in the Supreme Being that each congregation follows.

There are many interesting facts about religion that make people follow particular religions the more than others. From diehard geeks to lukewarm converts, here are the top most religions in the World.


There are so many reasons to explain why Christianity is at the top of the chart. Christian nations have for long been powerful. For centuries they’ve had the most powerful weapons, best technology and have ruled over many countries. States like the Roman Catholic, the United States, and the entire Europe extended their rule across the globe. Remember Power plus money equals popularity.

Other reasons for Christianity’s popularity are that Christianity is probably the easiest religion to follow. Although it has several sects, as long as one believes in Jesus Christ as the son of God and accepts him by faith into their life, the rest of the rules are simple. Practitioners of Christianity can roam their house in pajamas or boxers while praying and their prayers will be answered.

They can drink beer and still go to heaven. They can murder and repent and they will be forgiven. Others call it a lazy religion. Whichever way, these reasons clearly explain Christianity’s large numbers.


Islam is the second largest religion in the World with followers. Its origin dates back in the year 1000. A research by the US based Pew Research Centre put Islam as the fastest growing religion on the planet. Moslems believe in a god called Allah. They also believe that their religion is the last religion God sent to humanity to liberate them.


Buddhism is very similar to Hinduism but there are a few differences between that make the two religions different. The major difference that sets the two apart is that Hinduism believes in the eternal soul while Buddhism doesn’t. Other differences are in the way of prayer. Hinduism followers pray to nature and their god but Buddhists only pray to their god Buddha

Both religions were founded in India but have a heavy presence across Asia; in China, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Burma.


Hinduism is the 4th top religion on earth. The most interesting fact about Hinduism is that they believe that their god gives a second chance to live. They believe in rebirth or reincarnation. The reason they believe in reincarnation is that people do bad and die with it. Therefore their souls must be re-born in order to give them a chance to do good.

They say that one’s soul is reborn several times until that soul completely does good and finally rests as one.

Like many other religions, Hinduism promotes love, togetherness, and good deeds.

The Vedas and Upanishads are the sacred books of Hinduism.



There are several other religions that are very popular after these four

Sikhism, Judaism, Bahaism, Confucianism, Jainism and Shintoism make a complete top 10 list.

Most popular foods during Christian’s celebrations

Wondering how celebrations have an influence on the foods taken by affiliates of christian doctrine? They range from Christmas celebration to the ascension session.Which celebration do you recall or have you participated in recently? Which foods were you served with? Vivid remembrance of all these subjects will group the influence of the foods taken into specific categories which are psychologically predetermined. These periods have adverse effects on the eating habits and patterns. They are due to;

  • What you believe.
  • Value of food.
  • Cuisine of cookery associated with the culture.

Do you have your traditions of doing things? Relate them to the idea of cookeries associated with Christianity. If you are a christian,what do you take during religious celebrations? The commonest of all is the unleavened bread taken during Easter celebrations. Just to go deeper into our religion we have a range of foods taken during certain celebrations:

1.Agatha buns are taken on the feast day of St. Agatha mounted with cherry which are intended to symbolize breasts. Her breasts were chopped off for defiance to give in her dignity and chastity to non believers.

2.Unleavened bread and wine served as the Holy Eucharist as a sign of the body and blood of Christ 3.Easter biscuits and eggs mostly in England associated with Easter celebrations.

4.Fanesca, a stew taken in Ecuador consisting of twelve beans standing in for the apostles and a salt cod for Jesus.

5.Pancakes eaten in antiquity to sign end of noble eating hence commencement of lent period. Luck foreseeing foods are also consumed,they are prevalent on King’s cake before taken on the eve of New Year baked with a silverware inside and whoever unleashes the coin in the slices is regarded blessed the whole year. Christian celebrations are accompanied by foods meant to symbolize past events that are vital to the christian faith. Value of food in the community have a role as Christians tend to take foods that they value most hitherto the main celebrations.They are meant to luxuriate despite not symbolizing the subjects.This is mostly evidenced in the developing countries where individuals are not at the exposure of every variety of food hence some foods are reserved for the special days. Though may not lay a better explanation of “Food religion”. What have you noted? Foods are meant to symbolize events, individuals,periods and the exceptional special days by the financially disadvantaged individuals.Religion have its own ways of putting in place rules to predetermine the occurrences (foods) in the main days.This is where we have certain food varieties being consumed in remembrance to the religious happenings that took place before and meant to build their faith. Food religion is crucial in carrying your daily activities during the “Christian’s celebrations”. The subjects have to ensure that they are on the right discourse.The Eucharist taken is an example, where Christians are reminded the washing away of their sins and they sought to be cleansed. This is done by taking the body and blood of Christ which is phenomenal to the christian community, major food to the subject.